Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chixdigget: Best Hung Carrot in the Fridge

For the Top Ten Chixdiggit songs, please come visit The Big Takeover!

Y'know Calgary's Chixdiggit are a terrible opening band. Back around 1995 I saw them play at a grimy venue called The Junkyard and they almost shut out the mighty Hanson Brothers (NoMeansNo's alter-ego's). KJ wielded the guitar like Gretzky did a stick and the band charged through a series of concussive tunes without getting called for hooking*. They even had the balls to play a Hall of Fame worthy song about hockey (the Hanson's usual métier), the ludicrously-bracketed [I Feel Like] [Gerry] Cheevers [Stitch Marks on My Heart].

The band, who started as a fictional band with only a name and a T-shirt design, were never prolific song-writers. The demo, that I bought at that show, came out in 1993, followed by a poorly-distributed single in 1995 and then, finally a triumphant album on Sub Pop [!] in 1996.

This out-of-print 1999 CD (which actually starts out with a CD-ROM track!) has the three tracks from the "Best Hung Carrot..." single, "I Should Have Played Foootball" from the demo, a comp track and four outtakes from the single session. It's a decent introduction to the band but to hear them at the top of their game you'll have to BUY THE ALBUMS!

Best Hung Carrot in the Fridge CD link is in the comments (2nd one!)

Speaking of comments, what's your favourite Chixdiggit song?

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Fat Wreck-Chords

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* Sorry.


  1. LINK !!!

    Nice choice, of the many possible ones!

  2. Yeah, this band is great-- that's even my picture, by the way (from 1995 too)...

    Favorite Chixdiggit song is really tough, "Welcom to the Daiso", "My Restaurant", and "Gerry Cheevers" are some of my faves, I'd have to pull out all the CDs and look at them in order to answer this... "Koo Stark" usually gets a couple of replays when I've got that one on... I like the cover of "Nobody" as well.

  3. Hey, when you're stacked like that you know you can't go wrong!

  4. Henry Rollins is no fun...just ask my mom!!!!

  5. Brushback
    Thanks for the photo (I got it from some generic site)and "Koo Stark" was many of the almost-made-its on this list.


    "I went to Lolla with my mom.."

    Ah, a first album fan....

  6. as a bruins fan you got to love gerry cheevers


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