Monday, December 13, 2010

The Weakerthans: Radio Sessions (2010)

Not all Winnipeggers love their hometown heroes, like The Weakerthans. We can be real scythe-down-the-tall-poppy types here. The disgruntled can borrow sneering words from The Globe and Mail or Pitchfork (how often are those two sources cited at once?) to mask our jealousy. We sometimes seem out to prove that a prophet might really not be accepted in their own hometown, even if that hometown is the prophet's deepest obsession. But, all haters aside, the band's base here, where the muddy waters meet, is devout. In fact, so popular are they locally, they can sell out a week-long series of shows where they perform each of their albums in their entirety. So I suppose this particular poppy can Stand Tall.

What we have here today is a Australian radio session from February 27th 2010 that shows off the band's "concise" side.

1. Intro
2. Tournament of Hearts
3. Night Windows
4. Sun In An Empty Room
5. The Reasons
6. Bigfoot
7. Pamphleteer
8. Psalm For The Elks Lodge Last Call

Radio Sessions 2010 link is in the comments

Speaking of comments, leave us you take on the Weakerthans phenomenon.


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  2. Thank you for this! This is one of my all time favorite bands. If they'd come to the US and play all their albums in their entirety, I think I'd be set for life.

  3. I really like the Weakerthans ever since I pulled "Reconstruction Site" out of a bargain bin (in Goteborg, Sweden, of all places).
    Just last month I purchased the 'Live at the Burton Cummings Theatre' CD/DVD, and I've played it quite a lot over the last couple of weeks. Highly recommended. Hope they play some gigs in Europe someday.

  4. Thanks for this. I first discovered the Weakerthans w/ "Reconstruction Site" also and have been working my way backwards thru the catalog. Hate that they are not more known here in the States.

  5. Erik
    That'd be one mammoth tour!

    Yeah that live albums (recorded where the final show of the series will be) is really tight!

    I always assume that everyone knows who they are but I guess there still below the radar.



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