Thursday, December 2, 2010

V.A. Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan Volume Sixteen

One helluva mix of artist old, new and somewhere betwtixt and of studio outtakes and live recordings of artists such as The Waterboys, Nico & Lou Reed, The Jayhawks, David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen (and since there's gotta be some Deadweight; the Jerry Garcia Band).

01 Nobody ‘Cept You – The Waterboys (Piano demo, 1986)
02 Abandoned Love – George Harrison (Demo, 1984)
03 Lay Down Your Weary Tune – Tim O’Brien (Jul 7, 1999, The Station Inn, Nashville, TN)
04 Tangled Up in Blue – Jerry Garcia Band (Nov 26, 1988, Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
05 Subterranean Homesick Blues – Dave Van Ronk (Apr 9, 1995, Bottom Line, New York, NY)
06 My Back Pages – Roger McGuinn (Apr 26, 1985, Mohawk Valley, Utica, NY)
07 You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere – Jayhawks (Apr 29, 1995, Slim’s, San Francisco, CA)
08 Hard Rain – Staples Singers (Apr 19, 1968, Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA)
09 Oh Sister/Knockin’on Heaven’s Door – Cat Power (Jul 20, 2000, Maida Vale Studio, London, England)
10 Blind Willie McTell – Southside Johnny (Feb 27, 1994, WXRK Studios, New York, NY)
11 All Along the Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix (Jul 4, 1970, Middle Georgia Raceway, Atlanta, GA) [replaced in my library with the official track from Electric Ladyland]
12 Tryin to Get to Heaven – David Bowie (Studio outtake, 1997)
13 Wedding Song – Walkabouts (Unreleased demo, 2001)
14 Don’t Think Twice – Nick Drake (1967-1968, Tamworth-in-Arden, England)
15 I’ll Keep it With Mine – Lou Reed and Nico (Bedroom tape, 1970)
16 It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue – Bruce Springsteen Band (Jan or Feb 1972, Challenger Eastern Surfboard Factory, Highlands, NJ)

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Thanks to Jeffs98119 for compiling these and to obatik for the images.
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    Thank you for all your comments thus far....

  2. Thanks again for this fine series.

  3. Another, so soon.
    Thanx yet again.

  4. Thanks
    I agree with your comment, the nice thing about getting these recordings digitally, is that we can chose what to keep and what to delete. At the moment I keep about 75-80 pct of each album. Everything is worth hearing once, but some I just chose not to save.
    But please just keep them coming.

  5. wow! they just keep coming. I thought this was a 14 vol. collection? Not complaing tho!

  6. I'm addicted, thanks for the fix.

  7. one of my favorite singers, Southside Johnny, sings one of my favorite Bob Dylan's song. Wonderful. Thank you very much

  8. Congratulations! I´m a brazilian fã of Dylan and I have a band that plays Dylan's songs. Take a look at "Dinoboys" on Youtube.


    Thanks for the words: you keep this thing going!

    P.S. Lemonflag, You're percentage is higher than min but out attitudes are identical.

  10. Thanks for sharing. I haven't heard quit a few of these tracks so I'm looking forward to listening.

  11. Thanks! I LOVE this series. I have most already but like a knucklehead, I attached labels to them and now they aren't healthy. Thanks again.

  12. Dc
    Glad to have brought the series back to you - more to come (I think...)


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