Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Hangover Songs

The Holiday Hangover: Now that the big Day is ending here’s fifteen songs about the mixed feelings that the season brings. There are a thousand more such songs, so please play along by adding your own to the list!

Larry Norman Christmastime
Just becuase Mr. Norman wrote "We Need a Whole Lot More Jesus and Whole Lot Less Rock n' Roll" didn't mean he didn't have a few harsh words about the season.
Key Line "Santa Clause is coming and the kids are getting greedy"

The Yobs 12 Days of Christmas
Hard to miss The Yobs who really degraded the songs of the season with a certain glee!
Key line: Ah all of them, pretty much

Sloppy Seconds Lonley Christmas
How this band manged to be both puerile and incisive is one of the great mysteries of pop-punk
Key Line “I'm gonna spend a lonely Christmas
sitting here and staring back at my TV
"Miracle on 34th Street on the all-night TV repeat
Just Bob Hope, Santa Claus and me"

Blink 182 I Won’t Be Home for Christmas
Speaking of puerility, Blink 182 made it clever n’ catchy and took it to the top of the charts. I, for one, do not resent them at all for this.
Key line " Outside the carolers start to sing
I can't describe the joy they bring
Because joy is something they don't bring me"

No Fun Down Home Country Christmas
A merciless, satiric indictment of the idealization of rural poverty, and the one song on this list that almost no one here will have heard before.
Key Line "I remember Christmas back in '44
There weren't no heat until we burned the door".

For the rest of the list please come and visit The Big Takeover!

And whether right here or over at TBT, please feel free to leave your suggested additions to the list in the comments section!


  1. Hey Jeffen

    Ya gotta luv David M.I found the 1984 No Fun 'Snivel(Abridged)' cassette hiding in a box upstairs.I hope it still plays.
    Songs on cassette:
    1.I'm Not Taking Suzy To The Be-In
    2.Ream Me Like You Mean It
    3.Let's Whine Like Big Babies
    4.Oh,To Be On Heroin
    5.Big Excitement
    6.Talkin About The Mundane
    7.Blue Lust
    8.Me And Warren Beatty(And Mick Jagger)

    No Fun were David M and Paul Leahy.

    Google David M and No Fun to get:



    1. I just borrowed that tape from a friend of mine, awesome demo too though this copy has been played to death.

  2. Doug
    Aren't you glad I said "ALMOST none of you will have heard before"?
    Thankfully I have some Vancouver readers and some old Brave New Waves listeners who will remember "The Beatles of Surrey".
    If you ever rip that cassette let me know, I'd gladly post some No Fun here.

  3. David Wisdom and Nightlines would regularly fly the No Fun flag. I can remember a few 'concerts' they did.

    Not a fan of Christmas or the audio afflictions usually associated with it, but as part of my ongoing "Teach a child to Pogo" scheme, I've had some fun with Lemmy Kilmister and Friends version of 'Run Rudolph Run' from We Wish You A Metal Xmas And A Headbanging New Year.

  4. Bio
    ...and Nightlines damnit!

    P.S. Gotta check out the Lemmy & co. version of that Chuck Berry song.


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