Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Bonaduces Mega Post!

Y'know musicians sometimes whinge when songs that they are particularly proud of go uncelebrated. Well to join in on that for a bit, I'll briefly lament how some of my favourite posts (i.e. wordy personals narrative of bands I know too well) sometimes sink without a trace. Now, to drown out the sound of that small violin, I'll re-up some neglected favourites and give you a chance to reconsider your silence.

The Bonaduces are one of the great lost groups of recent times. I could qualify that by sub-categorizing them as "Canadian", "pop-punk" or even "bands with guys I know in them", but its an unconscionable distortion of the truth. Due to the many requests (readers become surprisingly chatty when links are down), here is pretty much their whole discography (minus their final album, which you can still BUY!)

Click on the link to go the re-upped page!

Matching Socks Missing Feet is here

Bonaduces/Bucko Split is here

Everything's Rachel is here

'K' is for Catherine is here

Pretty in Pop is here

Super Secret Songs is here

Self-Deconstruction is here

An account of the band's near-incendiary
reunion show can he found right here

IT'S JUST A THOUGHTFUL THING TO TO DO. (Plus maybe you'll help kick-start that NEW Bonaduces album we've been promised!)


  1. I never heard the Bonaduces... but I don't speak Canadian.... It seems to mean a lot to you so I'll give 'em a listen... no promises, 'though.

  2. Hello,

    I discovered the Bonaduces the first time you wrote about them. I wanted to listen to them because of the cover of the "Matching Socks, Missing Feet" cassette. The first song reminded me Pansy Division. The second, The Get Up Kids. The other songs reminded me the Bonaduces.
    Then one day you talked about Mike Koop. I listened to the Kicker and I thought you had good tastes, but never said thank you until now, so thank you.
    By the way, somebody knows who is this girl on the cover? Has she a boyfriend?

  3. CallPastorJerkfaceDecember 9, 2010 at 5:16 PM

    Sorry to have to break this to you Laurent but Claire Danes, cover star of the "Matching Socks, Missing Feet" demo cassette, was secretly married (in France no less!) to Hugh Dancy in September of 2009. Sounds suspiciously like the plot to a Bonaduces song me-thinks...

  4. It's a Judy Blume weekend!!!!

  5. I think I heard about the Bonaduces via CDBaby via The Paperbacks via CBC Radio 3's podcast.

    So I promptly bought The Democracy of Sleep. Well shit. This was, oh, a year or two before 'K' Is For Catherine had the remaster because I remember sending an email to the label and being told that's what was happening. I think I almost 'K' Is For Catherine from some weird German music company, but they ended up out of stock when they checked for me.

    So yeah, thank you so much for putting this stuff up. I am consistently amazed how nice the people from the '90s are (Chris Page, for example, sent me all of the Stand GT/Glen Nevous out of print stuff when I asked if him if I could buy it anywhere).

    I don't know the details of how the album came about and how the band fell apart afterwards but at least for a guy too young to see those bands at the time they'd have to be in my Top Five of Canadian indie music of the mid-late-'90s.

    I'd buy any album day one.

    And if there's another reunion show (and I hear about it, having found your blog after it happened) I'm so in.

  6. Skip
    Hope you found something good herein.

    Glad to have introduced you to this great band, sorry about Claire Danes though.

    Way to shatter Laurent's dreams...

    "...But she can't hear a word I say..."

    I await a K is for Catherine re-master - it may be a long time coming as I think the masters are lost.

    yeah, I'm actually amazed at how so many artists are gracious about what we do here,

    As for the reunion show, they are playing a set in 2011 but I don't know the date just now.

  7. Thank you again for re-upping these songs, not only for myself whose Bonaduces collection is limited to the two albums, but also for anyone born a decade or so too late to have heard their music (or the bands that formed later) as a result.

    I was able to get all of the albums in the post, except for the Secret Songs compilation, which I somehow continue to be too late for and it keeps slipping through my fingers.

  8. Could you reupload that "Super Secret Songs" comp?

  9. i've been collecting all the bonaduces albums i could since i first started listening to them about 9 years ago. i've got the democracy of sleep and k is for catherine on cd and the bucko 7" split but i don't have the mp3s for that split or everything's and matching socks, missing feet. is there anyway you could upload these again? i'd really appreciate it. the bonaduces have been one of my favorite bands for almost half of my life haha.

  10. Hi there! Thanks for all the rad music you've shared -- any chance you'd consider reupping K Is For Catherine and/or Super Secret Songs and/or Pretty In Pop when you get a chance? :D

  11. Alright requesters a re-up is gonna happen hope to see your words in the COMMENTS section when it does!


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