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The Clash Reunion? (Strummer /Jones at Acton Town Hall 2002)

This one's for all the people who left comments on our Strumer posts -- you're the ones keeping this series alive!!!

Yup, despite Joe Strummer giving guitarist Mick Jones a book of lyrics for the next Clash album, in spite of offers from Lollapalooza and The Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame, The Clash reunion never quite happened. Bassist Paul Simonon was said to be the holdout and while I say that's good on him, it doesn't make this reunion of the Strummer-Jones axis at a Fireman's Strike Benefit in Acton Hall mere weeks before Strummer's death any less electrifying.

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
Acton Town Hall, West London, UK
15th November 2002

"A benefit for striking firefighters"

01. Shaktar Donetsk
02. Bhindi Bhagee
03. Rudie Can’t Fail
04. Tony Adams
05. White Man
06. Mega Bottle Ride
07. Get Down Moses
08. Police & Thieves
09. Cool ‘n’ Out
10. Police on My Back
11. Johnny Appleseed
12. Coma Girl
13. I Fought the Law
14. Bankrobber*
15. White Riot*
16. London’s Burning*

* With Mick Jones

Speaking of comments, should there have been a Clash reunion?

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  1. i remember buying this on ebay the minute it was released. such an amazing set!!

  2. Glad it never happened - would have made The Clash just like any other band - this way they stayed pure ...

  3. Thank you for all the Strummer downloads. Got to keep The Clash and Strummer going. And of course I would of gone to a reunion show, but I am glad they never got back. Just wish Joe was still making music. Coma Girl was great record and you know he would of made more.

  4. To be honest, I wish they woulda broken up before they released Sandanista.

  5. Thanks for this...

  6. when the Clash played Bonds in NYC, my co. produced the slides that were projected behind them at every show for the two week run. I got to go three times and it was Magnificent. Saw Keith Levene trying to get in throught the back door, met up with Lydon & Nora, saw John Waters sauntering by, etc. Groovy times with the Sandinista era Clash.

  7. The Clash remind me a bit of the Beatles. Joe was the soul and Mick was the heart. Thanks so much for posting these.

  8. Would have been the greatest/worst thing in the world...

  9. Thanks for all the items in this series. The only down side is I get sad all over again at Joe's early death....

  10. jim
    I should try and track down a copy - it looks like they did a great job of the whole package.

    You the legend remains...

    Anon II
    I agree in that I wish the man had lived to make great music but glad that he never tainted the Clash's legacy (though I'd have gone to any reunion show!)

    They'd have gone out on one of the highest notes in history that's for sure.

    Anon III (volosc)/Anon V

    Anon IV
    Holy hell that's an amazing list of names - groovy times indeed!+

    Anon VI
    But Ringo couuldn't written a hit like "Rock the Casbah"!

    Oh hell it would have been both of those things.

    Me too but I'm getting more into this idea of "Joe Strummer Day" as a celebration.

  11. I would've liked to see a reunion.

  12. I'm always glad they never reformed. I'm glad now in a way, that they split up when they did. The Clash were that band for a reason at that time they existed. They made great music and reflected the times. They also progressed peoples outlook on music by incorporating all the various styles in their music, which Mick continued to do with BAD.
    Personally, i think something happened mentally to Mick around the late 90's, as he can't sing or play the guitar anywhere near like when he was in The Clash. I might take some flack for that, but Joe was still burning 100% at that time, and The Clash were always 100%. I wouldn't have wanted to see a half-hearted clash. I would have gone anyway tho, just in case!

  13. don't know if i'd be bummed or really stoked to see a Clash reunion. probably a little of both. i do know i'm glad i don't have to know.

    just the thought of it even possibly tainting their legacy even just a bit is enough to make me glad it never happened.

    thanks for posting all this Strummer stuff. good good stuff.

  14. Ah the legendary moment when Joe called Mick out too do the encore! i would have given a body part to be there! but i'm glad clash never reformed it would not have been the same, as for mick he even get's on with paul now with the gorrillaz

  15. sorry i was so busy commenting i forgot too say thanx a million for all these espcially Joe and Big Country d/l's

  16. The Clash reunion... mmm I got mixed feelings about this... I've never seen The Clash cos I was too little then, but I would've gone to a concert having the opportunity. Anyways, every time I hear Joe singing makes me want to cry, what a HUUUUGE loss for us good music lovers. Thank you very much for this posting MRML

  17. Anon
    Me too (but yet I'm sorta glad I didn't).

    I think I can agree with almost every thought in there. But while it is true that Jones seems a bit fried these days (watch him in TFIU!) there is some g Carbon/Silicon stuff.

    Glad you enjoyed all the Strummer-osity and I have to admit that just watching this Acton stuff makes me reconsider my long-held resistance to the (now dead) idea of a Clash re-union.

    Glad you enjoyed these two series. As for the Gorillaz I'm not sure I need to know anything more about that...

    Delighted to have brought joy in the wake of our loss of Joe.

  18. No. The time had passed, everything and everybody had changed. I agree with Paolo.

    Thank you so much for posting! If you have any other concerts, would LOVE to hear them. Glad someone else is still keeping the music and spirit.


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